Carver School
16077 SE Hwy 224
Damascus, OR 97089

Carver School                
Class Field Trips


          Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum because they serve to expand the child’s awareness of the outside world.  They help children participate in experiences beyond the realm of the classroom.  Teachers carefully select field trips that pertain to the current theme/project, or provide a unique and enriching experience that cannot be obtained within the classroom.  The trips are tied to thematic studies, science, the arts, physical education, literature, or community building and service.

          At the time of the field trip, the teacher will inform families on cost information.  Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  Field trips are a wonderful and fun opportunity to participate in your child’s education.  If you are willing to drive teachers and students on field trips,  a copy of your driver’s license and insurance information needs to be in the school office BEFORE the first field trip.


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